Raw Event Data CSV Export πŸ’Ύ

Now you can Export Events Raw Data in a .csv file.

To find the export function head to the Events details and click on the three button menu Screenshot_2.png


As soon as you click that button, Smartlook with generate a .csv file containing visitors that completed the event.

Smartlook will export the Visitor ID and time stamps by default. However, to get the most out of the raw data export you can expand it with our visitor identification API.

To learn more about visitor identification API, check our documentation here.

Introducing Smartlook Devtools πŸ› οΈ

With Smartlook Devtools you can have a deeper, albeit slightly technical, insight to your end user’s sessions.

They’re perfect for delivering bug-free and flawless digital experiences.


We have released the Devtools to our production environment today. But, they will be accessible only to Smartlook users with Power package, on demand.

If you want to enable Smartlook Devtools for your projects, and you have an active Power subscription, please reach out to the team via email or intercom.

Read more about Smartlook Devtools, here.

Break down Events by City, Country, Device, Browser... πŸ“ˆ

You can now break down your Events by default Location & Technology properties.

With these expanded breakdowns you can now analyze how users with different devices or locations interact with your content.

You'll get to the breakdowns in the Events view by clicking on the plus sign: Events-Breakdown.png


And of course, you can use these breakdowns to play related recordings.

Dashboard & Heatmaps Weekly Reports βœ‰οΈ

Now you can have your Dashboard tiles & Click Heatmaps delivered directly to your inbox.

While in Dashboard & Heatmaps view, look out for the familiar Reporting icon Screenshot_1.png to setup reports which will be delivered directly to your inbox!


Enhance your mobile projects recordings πŸŽ₯

Mobile projects owners can now set the Recording Quality & the Frame Rate of their videos.

Choose from Low, Medium or High Quality presets and up to 10 FPS to get perfectly crisp & clear videos.


Note, for this feature to work you'll need the newest stable version of Smartlook SDK (changelogs) & an active Power Mobile subscription.

Get insights faster with new Dashboard Tiles πŸ“ˆ

Now you can supercharge your Smartlook Dashboard with new Tiles.

Use Top Landing Pages, Top Errors, Top Countries (and more) to get to insights faster and conveniently in one place.

Smartlook-Dashboard-Tiles (1).png

Read more about new Dashboard Tiles in our blog post.

Tweak Heatspots, Re-render & Bulk Delete Heatmaps πŸ”₯

Now you can tweak and easily manage your heatmaps in Smartlook.

Start with the intensity slider for a different perspective on the user's engagement.

chrome-capture (1).gif

Additionally, you can now re-render your heatmaps, review important details or delete them in bulk if needed.

Read more about how we enhanced our heatmaps in our blog post.

Custom JavaScript Error Handling 🚩

Whether that video didn't load on your website, or an item is not available in your inventory - all JavaScript errors are logged in Smartlook.

With the new Custom Errors API you can now send all your custom JavaScript Errors to the Smartlook console.

Then you can use these custom errors to filter out sessions with errors & create segments for easier future analyses.

Read more about Custom JavaScript Error Handling, here.


Watch your current visitors in the Active Sessions Segment πŸ“½οΈ

Did you notice the new Active Sessions segment?

In it you can watch all your active visitors Smartlook is recording in real-time.

No need for extra setup. It's defined by default and it will always be there. πŸ™Œ

Read more about Active Sessions on our Blog.


Share Recordings & Notes directly to your Slack channels πŸ”Œ

Sharing important insights from Smartlook got even easier.

With Slack integration you are now able to share recordings and notes directly from the Smartlook player to a defined Slack channel.

Look for the Slack icon in your Integrations tab to start with the setup.