Smartlook updates
Smartlook updates

Smartlook’s anomalies detection updates





anomalies update cover.png

In the past few weeks, we've been working hard on updating our anomalies detection. Our users can now track funnel anomalies, in addition, to the event ones, and check new, advanced settings for both. Smartlook offers this feature for free with all packages – no strings attached!

What has changed? There are now 3 ways users can select how a particular anomaly is triggered:

  1. Default: automatically detecting anomalies for events (not available for funnels)

  2. Absolute value: an anomaly will be triggered, if the value drops or spikes beyond a particular absolute value. You can use it for both funnels and events

Screenshot 2021-07-23 at 15.28.26.png

  1. Percentage change: an anomaly will occur, if the daily conversion rate exceeds drops or spikes by a particular percentage. You can use it for both funnels and events.

Screenshot 2021-07-23 at 15.28.26.png

Give your event analytics more detail






Get more specific about your event analytics. We’ve introduced filters for events. Now, you can narrow your event chart data for a specific device, country, time range, or other custom properties – in the same way you can filter your session recordings.

This lets you define a certain audience and use it for analyzing the behavior of various user groups. Breaking down the event data lets you get even more insights from Smartlook.

You can combine various filters together to precisely define the group you want to analyze:

global filters1.png

You’ll see the filters on top of the event chart, so you’ll always know what group you’re currently viewing.

global filters2.png

Who changed what? Follow the audit trail





When collaborating with your colleagues, sometimes it can get confusing. Did someone edit your event from last week? Or are you wondering who added that extra step to your favorite funnel?

With the audit trail, you don’t have to ask around anymore. The audit trail will show you a chronological list of all activities that someone did in your company. So you will know, for instance, your colleague, Frank, changed the funnel on Thursday at 6:18 PM.

audit trail better quality.png

Accessing the audit trail is easy – just go to settings -> general and scroll down to the audit trail section. Remember – only the admin or the owner has the rights to use this feature and access all information.

Starting today, everyone can try out the audit trail for free for 1 month. After that period, please contact our sales rep to access this premium feature, as the audit trail is not a standard part of any of our packages.

Worried about anomalies in your events?






Rest easy. In Smartlook, you can turn on anomaly detection with a single click. If any spike or surge happens, you’ll get an instant notification.

anomaly dash.png

Turn on this new feature for any event you wish to monitor. Go to the events and click on the anomaly icon. Then, turn on anomaly detection, and set up when you want to get notifications. Save the settings and relax – you’ll know about every anomaly in your events from now on.

anomaly setting.png

We’re rolling out event anomalies for everyone to try. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to test the feature in your project – even if you’re a free plan user.

Coming soon – Custom detection

In our upcoming update, you will have the option to choose the exact rules for triggering anomalies. That way, you’ll avoid any unnecessary alarm and only get a notification when something is really happening.

The threshold for triggering anomaly detection can be,

  • percent deviation or absolute value

Manage your organization all in one tab





We’ve introduced a “General” settings tab. Here, you can have a quick look at the most important information about your organization and adjust them accordingly. When you want to view your active projects, check what roles your members have, or manage your organization, that’s the place to go to.


In the “Organization” settings, you can rename your organization, manage blocked IP addresses, and add integrations. You can also check the plan usage. View how many sessions, heat maps, events and funnels you’ve created. Redistribute events across your projects. If you need to, you can also upgrade to fully cover your current needs.


One place – all the information you’ll need.

Always keep in touch with the latest developments





Do you want to know exactly where Smartlook is heading? Thanks to our brand-new roadmap, you can follow all our major updates and projects we’re currently working on.

However, please keep in mind that priorities can sometimes change, so don’t bet your life on our roadmap. One thing you can be sure of though – we’re working as fast as we can.

roadmap screen.png

Funnel categories are here!






When you have just a few funnels, all of them are visible at once and it’s easy to find the one you need. With time, you will track multiple funnels, and looking for a specific one can take too much of your time.

If your funnels get a bit messy, now you can keep them in order by using Funnel categories. Add specific categories and organize your funnels just like you’d do it with events!

funnel categories headway.png

You can add, edit, or delete funnel categories exactly the same as with event categories. Go to the menu and select the folder icon. Choose the right name for this category and save it. When you edit or create new funnels, you can choose the matching category for them.

funnel categories headway 2.png

Keep all your funnels handy and nicely sorted into useful categories. Know exactly where they are for when you need them!

Switching organizations





Our new permission system gives you more control over roles for organizations and projects. Now you are able to invite users to your organization without any confusion which workspace you are currently in.

We’ve introduced organization switching - Simply navigate to the bottom left of the dashboard to find your organization icon. Then you can easily toggle between organizations.

You’ll be able to quickly see which projects you are modifying and which projects you are updating for your subscription.

switch orgs.png

After switching the organizations, Smartlook will load the projects of the organization you switched to. In addition, when updating your subscription, you will see a list of all affected projects.

Smartlook just got a major update.





nextgen logo.png

Welcome to the next level: Smartlook NextGen just entered open beta phase.

All Smartlook premium features will be unlocked in the beta version for the next few weeks!

You can switch to the new version right from your dashboard.

Smartlook NextGen is equipped with a completely redesigned dashboard and a whole bunch of new features.

The New vertical bar panel now always displays list of your project and saved analytics. The dashboard shows:

  • Categories
  • Folders
  • Easy search

next genbig  image from blog screenshot.png

Visibility and Accessibility are now brought to the forefront.

There is now also an option to separate admin from regular users.

Soon, there will be permission system allowing to assign exact roles to every user.

And the most important update for many of you - there is a new REST API at your disposal so that you can tailor our tools precisely for your needs. That’s just to name a few. There are a lot more changes on the way. Don’t forget to check out our new blog post to learn more.

Mobile heatmaps reinvented: Galleries 📱





We’ve added Heatmap Galleries to Smartlook Mobile Analytics.

Here are some of the key changes we’ve made to Mobile heatmaps:

-Heatmaps now have a separate tab on the dashboard.

-You can now create galleries for all of the fragments of your application.

-Galleries are created using customizable date intervals.

Here is how a gallery looks:

Heatmap Gallery.png (A gallery will contain all the heatmaps for every fragment in your application)

You can also use the current recordings you have now in your account to create a retroactive gallery.

Mobile heatmap galleries are for all users to gain immediate insights… It’s all there at your fingertips.

Heatmaps galleries have three of our goals in mind: accuracy (heatmaps), accessibility (no developers required), and simplicity (easy setup - one location).

As always, we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback to make Smartlook even better.

Have any suggestions? Just get in touch with