Smartlook updates
Smartlook updates

Always keep in touch with the latest developments

Do you want to know exactly where Smartlook is heading? Thanks to our brand-new roadmap, you can follow all our major updates and projects we’re currently working on.

However, please keep in mind that priorities can sometimes change, so don’t bet your life on our roadmap. One thing you can be sure of though – we’re working as fast as we can.

roadmap screen.png

Funnel categories are here!


When you have just a few funnels, all of them are visible at once and it’s easy to find the one you need. With time, you will track multiple funnels, and looking for a specific one can take too much of your time.

If your funnels get a bit messy, now you can keep them in order by using Funnel categories. Add specific categories and organize your funnels just like you’d do it with events!

funnel categories headway.png

You can add, edit, or delete funnel categories exactly the same as with event categories. Go to the menu and select the folder icon. Choose the right name for this category and save it. When you edit or create new funnels, you can choose the matching category for them.

funnel categories headway 2.png

Keep all your funnels handy and nicely sorted into useful categories. Know exactly where they are for when you need them!

Switching organizations

Our new permission system gives you more control over roles for organizations and projects. Now you are able to invite users to your organization without any confusion which workspace you are currently in.

We’ve introduced organization switching - Simply navigate to the bottom left of the dashboard to find your organization icon. Then you can easily toggle between organizations.

You’ll be able to quickly see which projects you are modifying and which projects you are updating for your subscription.

switch orgs.png

After switching the organizations, Smartlook will load the projects of the organization you switched to. In addition, when updating your subscription, you will see a list of all affected projects.

Smartlook just got a major update.

nextgen logo.png

Welcome to the next level: Smartlook NextGen just entered open beta phase.

All Smartlook premium features will be unlocked in the beta version for the next few weeks!

You can switch to the new version right from your dashboard.

Smartlook NextGen is equipped with a completely redesigned dashboard and a whole bunch of new features.

The New vertical bar panel now always displays list of your project and saved analytics. The dashboard shows:

  • Categories
  • Folders
  • Easy search

next genbig  image from blog screenshot.png

Visibility and Accessibility are now brought to the forefront.

There is now also an option to separate admin from regular users.

Soon, there will be permission system allowing to assign exact roles to every user.

And the most important update for many of you - there is a new REST API at your disposal so that you can tailor our tools precisely for your needs. That’s just to name a few. There are a lot more changes on the way. Don’t forget to check out our new blog post to learn more.

Mobile heatmaps reinvented: Galleries 📱

We’ve added Heatmap Galleries to Smartlook Mobile Analytics.

Here are some of the key changes we’ve made to Mobile heatmaps:

-Heatmaps now have a separate tab on the dashboard.

-You can now create galleries for all of the fragments of your application.

-Galleries are created using customizable date intervals.

Here is how a gallery looks:

Heatmap Gallery.png (A gallery will contain all the heatmaps for every fragment in your application)

You can also use the current recordings you have now in your account to create a retroactive gallery.

Mobile heatmap galleries are for all users to gain immediate insights… It’s all there at your fingertips.

Heatmaps galleries have three of our goals in mind: accuracy (heatmaps), accessibility (no developers required), and simplicity (easy setup - one location).

As always, we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback to make Smartlook even better.

Have any suggestions? Just get in touch with

Funnels are evolving:

The latest addition to Smartlook is the ability to break down funnels.

Funnels already help you figure out how successful you are in moving people to take action. Now, Smartlook allows you to dive deeper into your funnels by breaking down each step of a funnel.

Here is how Funnel breakdowns look Funnel breakdown moded 2.jpg

The breakdown table provides a clear visualization of the funnel data

And you can break down funnels by country, city, state, browser, device, and operating system by default.

Moreover, we’ve also made it possible for you to set up and add your own custom properties so that your team can decide for themselves which properties are valuable for your situation.

And it takes two clicks to break down a funnel. Here’s an example of how quickly you can break down a funnel to find out which countries have the highest conversion rate:

To learn about funnel breakdowns or any other of the many features in Smartlook, check out our documentation at:

Retention Tables are here to help

Keeping track of your customer behavior, satisfaction and retention has never been more important.

Thankfully, Smartlook has a new feature which allows you to track user engagement.

Retention tables are the Ultimate weapon to build customer retention.

Retention tables display groups of visitors who perform an action in a similar time period - The table then tells you how many of the customers continue the behavior - and for how long.

Retention tables work with Events… And Smartlook tracks every event!

Cohorts for headway gif.gif Above, a Retention table shown in actual numbers and as percentages.

To learn about Retention tables and how to retain your customers, check out our documentation here.

Mobile Recordings made secure

Attention all mobile app recorders!

We've just released privacy enhanced rendering options!

Take a look:



These two images are taken from two different recordings. With this new option to switch rendering styles, you can be sure that you adhere to GDPR and CCPA and that no sensitive data is recorded on your account.

Privacy for the visitors. Convenience for the analysts.

And to make it easy on the eyes, we've included three additional rendering skins to go along with our native recording. Of course, if you need to see the application and every detail in its original state, just use Smartlook Mobile recording with the native rendering option.

For all other options and the full list of new skins, head over to our documentation here.

Raw Event Data CSV Export 💾

Now you can Export Events Raw Data in a .csv file.

To find the export function head to the Events details and click on the three button menu Screenshot_2.png


As soon as you click that button, Smartlook with generate a .csv file containing visitors that completed the event.

Smartlook will export the Visitor ID and time stamps by default. However, to get the most out of the raw data export you can expand it with our visitor identification API.

To learn more about visitor identification API, check our documentation here.

Introducing Smartlook Devtools 🛠️

With Smartlook Devtools you can have a deeper, albeit slightly technical, insight to your end user’s sessions.

They’re perfect for delivering bug-free and flawless digital experiences.


We have released the Devtools to our production environment today. But, they will be accessible only to Smartlook users with Power package, on demand.

If you want to enable Smartlook Devtools for your projects, and you have an active Power subscription, please reach out to the team via email or intercom.

Read more about Smartlook Devtools, here.