Smartlook updates
Smartlook updates

Introducing new Web SDK




Our newest Web SDK is now available to everyone! The past few months we have been continuously working on building a solid platform that would allow us to add new features reliably.

In a nutshell, here's what the new Web SDK offers:

  • Support for 1st party iframes.

  • Better support for shadow DOM.

  • Better way of logging javascript errors.

  • Better control over sensitive data in your setting projects.

  • Support for Smartlook Relay Proxy.

The above performance enhancements will help provide a better user experience for your users.

All new projects have now the new Web SDK automatically selected in the project settings and in the onboarding process. If you want to try it for already existing projects, just go to settings and use the new code.


Introducing crash reports | beta

[New] Improve your app experience confidently by watching session recordings that contain crashes while getting all the visual and contextual info you need.

Designed by developers for developers, Smartlook’s new crash reports feature allows you to quickly and effectively pinpoint the exact location where things went wrong. Cut back on time and stress by reducing the effort needed to detect the root cause of a crash.

Crash reports.png

With Smartlook’s Crash reports, you get:

  • A clear overview of existing bugs in your app.

  • Access to user recordings seconds before a crash occurs.

  • Easy access to stack trace reports so you can quickly identify and address bugs.

Currently, Smartlook’s crash reports feature is being beta tested for Android apps. An iOS and desktop version is coming soon.

Introducing full behavior flows




​A few months ago, we introduced the beta version of Behavior Flows. It’s an excellent tool for discovering how users navigate your website or app.

We’re now launching the full version. It allows you to filter flows based on device, country, and other custom properties. In addition, you’ll have the ability to view a straight layout (which doesn’t display crossed flows), giving you a clear view, primarily if your app or website features multiple paths.

image (2)-2.png

Introducing active users tile in Smartlook

[New] It’s clear there are a number of metrics that our users care about. In the end, more data means more insights! This is why we’re introducing a brand new feature at Smartlook: active users tile.

With our active users tile, our customers will be able to see their daily, weekly, and monthly active users displayed in the form of a column chart.

Smartlook customers can create 1 tile for each view: a total of 3 views.

Daily Active users.png

Introducing behavior flow





Developing more insight into your users’ behavior is our ongoing goal at Smartlook. That’s why we’ve introduced a new feature: behavior flow.

Screenshot 2021-08-19 at 10.14.39.png

Behavior flow diagrams are an excellent tool to discover how and where your users move through your website or application. Using such diagrams can help you troubleshoot the user flow on your pages/screens and determine whether the routes you intended work as expected. You can also use this feature for A/B testing, in which you compare multiple routes and see where users drop off.

To create one, go to the “Behavior flow” tab. Where the diagram is automatically generated and watch the flow between the pages on your website or screens in your app. As with most of our features, you can click on the nodes to filter out recordings where this flow occurred. Insights will be fully automated, and there is no requirement for any further user interaction other than filtering the nodes.

Screenshot 2021-08-02 at 12.03.03.png

Currently, the behavior flow feature is in its beta stage, available as early access for every Smartlook user. There is more functionality to follow upon the official launch of this new feature.

Introducing session vault

[New] We've launched a new feature called session vault, which lets our customers back up their sessions for indefinite periods of time. Your recordings have now been transferred to permanent storage.

With this feature, you can keep and store recordings with valuable information without fear of their expiration. Assume that you have a month's worth of recordings and that you want to keep some of them longer because those records contain important information to you. If so, you can simply click the vault button in the player and such a recording will be saved.


The recording can easily be removed from the vault if it is no longer needed, and it will disappear along with the data history.


A new default segment will appear once the feature is enabled, allowing all saved recordings to be easily filtered. You can think of this as a list of your favorite recordings that will never expire.

Screenshot 2021-08-02 at 13.21.23.png

You can only access this feature with the “Business” package. See what else it can offer you.

A new feature in Smartlook: trended funnel views





Until recently, the funnel conversion rate in Smartlook could not be tracked over time.

Most likely, you’d want to increase conversion rates by making the checkout process as easy as possible. We’re here to assist you.

It's for this reason that we created trended funnel views.

By using this feature, you can filter out the time period and see how the conversion rate has changed over time.

Just click on the "Show trended view" button in the funnel view and the chart will appear immediately.

show trended view button.png

Depending on the time range you select, you can display days, weeks, or months, and switch between the different views.

show trended view graph.png

Sounds good, right? You can now access this new feature via your dashboard!

Introducing new interactive player

[New] You are in for another Smartlook update: explore the new interactive player for mobile projects!

With this feature, you will now be able to: conduct app structure inspection similar to Layout inspector in Android Studio or View Debugger in Xcode replay user's sessions in 3D or 2D projection, similarly to our Wireframe mode inspect complex view structures easily thanks to detailed debug info

Smartlook interactive player.png

In addition to sending data for Interactive players, SDK still sends recordings of the app. Using the WEBGL ACTIVE button at the bottom, you can freely switch between those representations:

Smartlook interactive player 2.png

Please note that the feature is now available on Android native SDK. However, we will be introducing this functionality very soon to iOS and other frameworks; Flutter and React native will be the first. Additionally, we are planning to introduce new features soon like event creation or funnel navigation directly from the player.

We also recorded a short presentation to our YouTube channel to further explain what makes our new Interactive player so useful.

Smartlook’s anomalies detection updates





anomalies update cover.png

In the past few weeks, we've been working hard on updating our anomalies detection. Our users can now track funnel anomalies, in addition, to the event ones, and check new, advanced settings for both. Smartlook offers this feature for free with all packages – no strings attached!

What has changed? There are now 3 ways users can select how a particular anomaly is triggered:

  1. Default: automatically detecting anomalies for events (not available for funnels)

  2. Absolute value: an anomaly will be triggered, if the value drops or spikes beyond a particular absolute value. You can use it for both funnels and events

Screenshot 2021-08-23 at 14.28.50.png

  1. Percentage change: an anomaly will occur, if the daily conversion rate exceeds drops or spikes by a particular percentage. You can use it for both funnels and events.

Screenshot 2021-08-23 at 14.29.45.png

Give your event analytics more detail






Get more specific about your event analytics. We’ve introduced filters for events. Now, you can narrow your event chart data for a specific device, country, time range, or other custom properties – in the same way you can filter your session recordings.

This lets you define a certain audience and use it for analyzing the behavior of various user groups. Breaking down the event data lets you get even more insights from Smartlook.

You can combine various filters together to precisely define the group you want to analyze:

global filters1.png

You’ll see the filters on top of the event chart, so you’ll always know what group you’re currently viewing.

global filters2.png